Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Greyhounds, Persian, and Afghan Dogs

Here is a heap of interesting facts about Asian greyhounds, Persian dogs and Afghan dogs everyone should know.

Asian Greyhounds

Asian Greyhounds are sleek, athletic hound dogs which have an average life span of twelve years. Extraordinarily, they can run up forty miles per hour. This means that they can outrun a horse in a sprint! Because of this, it is not surprising that these dogs were and are still being used in racing. They also were once bred to hunt foxes, hare, deer and animals alike. Some of the best characteristics of these dogs are their adaptability to indoor living, their tolerance to hot weather, their all-around friendliness, intelligence, and relatively easy grooming requirements.

Persians Dogs

Persians dogs are a big, bulky, muscular guard dogs which are considered as one of the world’s most powerful dog breeds. However, regardless of their outside looks, these dogs are extremely loyal and protective of their owners. In fact, Persian dogs have been used to protect not only the household, but properties, livestock, and even an entire village! These dogs also fare with Asian greyhounds in terms of their average life span of twelve years.

Afghan Dogs

Afghan dogs are probably the most elegant hound dogs. Their white, silky hair and fur, and run-way model build make them stand out. Grooming is necessary for these dogs. Training them can be challenging, but the dogs are usually child-friendly, relatively healthy, and unquestionably good-looking. They hunt their prey through instinct.