Club Falapa

Hello, fellow dog lovers. Welcome to Club Falapa! This website is created for Asian Greyhound, Persian dog and Afghan dog lovers like yours truly.

I had my first pet at the age of five. It all started with Max, a Labrador Retriever and my then sporting pal. I had a couple of dogs in my care after him, but I am particularly fond of three- Asian greyhounds, Persian dogs, and Afghan dogs. These dogs are truly fascinating in their own ways. As of now, I focus on owning and raising these three dog breeds and consider myself an experienced dog owner. Throughout the years, I developed a profound love for these pups for reasons I know my readers can understand. After all, who does not want a snuggly, protective, cute, and sweet companion?

I created this website with the intent to inform other dog lovers as well as influence those who are still developing a fondness for these animals. Here, I will share fascinating facts about the aforementioned dog breeds, talk about the importance of maintaining and tidying your backyard while owning them, explain why these dogs are your best companions, and talk about setting up an indoor water fountain even with your dogs around, and more. In general, the goal of this website is to simply share my experience. Hopefully, when I do this, I can give pieces of information that you can find useful.

To my fellow dog lovers, I hope you appreciate my work and get to talk about your own experiences in raising them. For those who are just starting out, I hope to share valuable information necessary in taking care of your greyhound, Persian, or Afghan dogs. For those who are still thinking of owning one, I hope I can help you take a decisive choice of doing so because it is absolutely worth it!