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Maintaining and Tidying the Backyard: A Dog Owner’s Guide

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One tough challenge for dog owners is keeping the yard clean and tidy. After all, these animals need a free-run area for housetraining and a healthy exercise. While some owners choose to go to parks with their dogs, there are certainly ways to keep the beauty and sanitation of your backyard without restricting your dogs from the lawn. A key strategy is to set a regular cleaning schedule. Here are some tips:

Mow backyard grass regularly

A regularly mown lawn with a quality zero turn mower is not only pleasant to the sight but also reinforces the owner and the dog’s health. If brown patches of dog pee become visible in the lawn, it greatly affects the lawn’s appearance and may have health consequences on those exposed to it as well. Mowing twice a week will make these patches less visible, and slowly remove them.

Clean up dog waste and water urine spot daily

If you are yet to train your dogs to poop and urinate in the right spots, you will have to do the whole process of cleaning yourself. Keep in mind that dog waste and urine may spread bacteria. Children playing around may get sick due it. Needless to say, daily waste removal using the proper tools like bags or scooper can reduce health risk.

Set up off-limit areas

Greyhounds and Afghan dogs are particularly playful if they are in the mood. These dogs can run just about anywhere in the garden when not on a leash. If there are areas in your garden that contain delicate plants, you should put up a barricade around them. Hardscaping, such as setting up wood fences or walls, should keep your dogs from off-limit areas.

Adjust your dog’s diet

There is a need to consult a vet before following adjusting your dog’s diet. However, a lot of dog owners have vouched that adding tomato juice to their dog’s food reduces the strong smell of dog urine. Reducing the nitrogen content in dog pee can also make the lawn less scorched.

I have followed all the tips above myself, they’ve worked incredibly well for me and my dogs. I hope they will work well with yours, too.


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