Dog Owner’s Guide to Setting Up Indoor Fountain

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Imagine going back home after a long, tiring day and listening to the relaxing sound of an indoor fountain’s moving water. Not only are indoor fountains comforting, they can also add aesthetic to your house and increase its value. And since there is no better place to relax than home, why not go all out and put an indoor fountain in it? If you’re interested, you can set up the indoor water fountain yourself. Here are simple steps you can follow:

Choose a location

To start, you have to choose the best location. Do not place it too close to a wooden door as you will risk splashing water on it. Wood does not fare well with water. Water may affect its texture and can even weaken its substance. In the worst case scenario, it will cause rotting. If you own a dog, then you know how they can be frolicsome. Thus, you need to secure the fountain in a place where it won’t be hit, knocked down, or capsized by your pets. Also, the cords shouldn’t be suspended all over the place to avoid dangers like tripping or fire.

Assemble the fountain

There are usually detailed guidelines on how to assemble an indoor fountain provided by the manufacturer.  Simply set up the container and follow the steps given to you. Then, add the lights. Afterwards, install a water pump to prevent the dirt from accumulating. Then, fill the container with water and turn it on.

Decorate your fountain

The most fun step in setting up the fountain is decorating it. Here, you can choose any design you like. You can add pebbles, plants, flowers, and lights with varying colors. Because there’s no limit to creativity, you can have as much fun as you can.

Even with your dogs around, setting up an indoor water fountain can be achieved. Just make sure that it is in a safe spot, away from wooden doors and unreachable by your frisky pups.  If you try it yourself, it is really not a hard thing to do. It is super simple. When successful, you’ll have something that will make your home more soothing.

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